Our Mission:

The Mission of SEWAFRICA is to provide the opportunity for development and training in the fashion industry that will enable individuals in the informal fashion sector to receive training that will facilitate the generation of income through self employment and formal employment as a major contributor to the revitalization of the Inner City and the clothing industry. In addition, SEWAFRICA aims to meet the training and development needs of the formal sector of the Fashion Industry and thereby promote and advance the industry by providing skills and individual development opportunities.

Our Goals:

The Goals of SEWAFRICA are to

  • Provide courses that are relevant, appropriate to a sector of the industry that would normally not have access to the Technikons, Technical Colleges and Fashion Design Colleges.
  • Provide affordable courses that are structured in such a manner as to allow the candidates to gain the necessary skills while generating an income.
  • Ensure the retention of skills and sustained employment in the Fashion Industry.
  • Provide courses and an environment that will facilitate the upgrading of skills in the Fashion, Clothing, Home Ware and Craft Industry.
  • Promote the Pan African Revival, where African culture will be acknowledged for artistic distinction and authenticity.
  • Provide a facility for young emerging designers to develop and grow as uniquely South African designers.