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 2019 Full Time Course Comparison and Information

SEWAFRICA offers a number of options for individuals wanting to enter  into the fashion industry.Our National  Certificate course is registered on the South African Qualification Framework and the qualification is held with CATHSSETA. The centre is also registered and accredited with the F, P & M SETA, Services SETA and the QCTO for a number of other qualifications run in the outreach projects..

The full time courses run Monday to Friday with face to face contact hours each day. The hours preceeding or following the contact time may be used by learners to complete prescribed tasks and activities or continue with supplementary enrichment exercises that complement the course offered at SEWAFRICA. 

There are three fulltime courses available, each offering a range of skills depending on the student's level of education and requirements.  

The National Certificate is a 2 year course, aimed at matriculants who were unable to gain access to universities or centres of Higher Education due to insufficient academic points, inappropriate subject choices or lack of available finances. The course covers a range of modules that includes Design, Garment Construction (Domestic and Industrial), Pattern Making and Business of Fashion with Computer Based Modules. Entry requirement Grade 11 minimum with a placement assessment. The qualification is accredited by CATHSSETA (SAQA ID 48806)

Learners are required to purchase prescribed equipment and materials as and when required according to the curriculum outcomes. Classes run between 8h30 and 16h30 Monday to Friday.

All learners participating in the  first year of the National Certificate course are provided with a free sewing machine that becomes their property upon completion of the first year. 

    2019 Application National Certificate 


The Certificate in Fashion is a 2 year course, that covers a range of modules that include Introduction to Design, Garment Construction (Domestic), students use commercial and centre based patterns and complete a non computer based Business of Fashion Module. Entry requirement Grade 10 with a placement assessment. The course is practical aimed at giving students practical skills in sewing, patterns and design with a business component. Students graduate with a SEWAFRICA Certificate in Fashion.

Learners are to purchase prescribed equipment, materials for class projects are supplied with the exception of fabrics and materials for the Mid Year and Year End Fashion shows. Students center supplied domestic sewing machines.Classes run between 8h30 and 13h30 Monday to Friday.

   2019 Application Certificate in Fashion


The Foundation Certificate in Fashion is a 1 year course that is run in the mornings. The course covers Introduction to Design, Introduction to Pattern, Garment Construction (Domestic) and the student uses commercial and centre based patterns. Entry requirement grade 9 with a placement assessment. Students graduate with a SEWAFRICA Foundation Certificate in Fashion.

All Equipment and materials are supplied* and the student uses domestic machines. * Except fabric and materials for the Mid Year and Year End Fashion .  2019 Application Foundation Certificate in Fashion


At the end of each year students participate in a Fashion Show at the Pyramid Conference Centre to showcase their work. First year students, design, make the patterns and model their own garments and second year students design a range and have models on the ramp.