8H30 - 12H30


 Except fabric and pattern for Mid-Year and Final Fashion Show.

Student to purchase prescribed equipment

 Application Form 2 Year Certificate in Fashion 1st Year 2019


Entry requirements – Grade 10 and Placement Assessment       

Modules covered*:                   

101 Introduction to Design

102  Sewing Machine Skills - Domestic

103 Sampling Fashion Techniques

104 Make an unlined Skirt

105 Make a Shirt

106 Make a Pair of Trousers

107 Introduction to Pattern Manipulation

108 Fashion Show Garment

109 Make a Dress

110 Make a Jacket

111 Make an Evening Gown

112 Introduction to Business of Fashion

113 Fashion Garment 2

image11Course Cost

Once Off Payment Option   R 16,300
Registration  R 3,200
To be paid in full by end Feb 2019  R 13,100
Installment Option  R 17,200
Registration  R 3,200
10 monthly payments  R 1,400

Additional Costs to Budget for:

Machine Usage Deposit 

Pattern and Fabric Mid-Year and Year End Fashion Show

Black Box Usage Deposit

Prescribed Equipment

Padlockas and Key Tags