SEPTEMBER 2021

    Please complete all sections of the application form

    Personal Information of Student

    Date of Birth:

    Note: Please remember to contact SEWAFRICA if your details change in any way. From time to time we send reminders on SMS about events to both students and fee payers and we need up to date details.

    Information of Person Paying The Fees

    SEWAFRICA reserves the right to institute a credit check on individuals paying the instalment option.

    Are you the student's legal guardian? YesNo

    If No, then complete the information below.

    Who is the student living with while they are studying?

    GuardianPerson Paying the FeesLiving AloneOther

    If Other, then please give details

    Upload Documents

    You must download the form below. The downloaded form must be completed and signed by the person responsible for the payment of the fees. The completed form must be scanned or photographed and attached to this application. The original must be brought into the college.

    Click here to download the Acknowledgement of Debt Form

    The file size must not exceed 2MB and should be one of the following formats: PDF or JPG or PNG for each upload unless otherwise specified.

    Colour Passport Photograph

    Certified Copy of Identity Document of Student (Certified Last 3 Months)

    Proof of Payment of Registration/Fees

    Completed and Signed Acknowledgement of Debt

    Copy of Identity Document of Person Paying the Fees

    SEWAFRICA Indemnity Form

    I hereby accept that all reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure the safety and welfare of myself/my child/my ward during the centre’s hours. I shall be responsible for the payment of medical and/or hospital fees in the event of an injury, which CANNOT be ascribed to negligence on the part of the training centre or staff member responsible.

    I cede my powers as parent/guardian to the head of the training centre or their representative should medical treatment/surgery be deemed necessary for my child/ward. To the best of my knowledge, my child/ward has a clean bill of health and can thus participate in all activities.


    If I am unable (in the event of an accident or illness) to give permission for medical attention I cede my powers to the head of the training centre or their representative. To the best of my knowledge I am healthy and can thus participate in all activities.

    Please list any medical condition(s) that we should be aware of. Indicate NONE if this applies.

    Is the student a member of a medical aid? NoYes

    If Yes, provide the following:

    Please note no confirmation for medical aid letter will be issued if Medical Aid Details are not completed.

    Emergency Contact Details in case the student becomes ill and we need to contact someone to help them:

    Acknowledgement by Student

    I have read all the pages of the application form and confirm that:

    (Check each paragraph to confirm)

    Code of Practice Essentials

    Due Performance


    Late Coming



    Use of Cell Phones

    Building Access Cards


    Equipment and materials

    Load Shedding



    Children and Visitors