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    Consumables will be supplied on the first day of training, but students are required to bring scissors, tape measure, pins, tailors chalk, unpicker, nipper and hand needles (unless you are doing the basic sewing course, in which case it will be provided).


    I accept that all reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure the safety and welfare of myself/my child/ my ward during the centre’s hours. I shall be responsible for the payment of medical and/or hospital fees in the event of an injury, which CANNOT be ascribed to negligence on the part of the training centre or staff member responsible.

    If I am unable (in the event of an accident or illness) to give permission for medical attention I cede my powers to the head of the training centre or their representative. To the best of my knowledge I am healthy and can thus participate in all activities.

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    Domestic Machine Basic Sewing (R1 680.00)
    Industrial/Domestic Basic Sewing Assessment (R300.00)
    Skirt (R840.00)

    Shirt (R1 100.00)

    Trousers (R1 390.00)
    Jacket (R1 360.00)
    Evening Wear* (R1 620.00)
    Industrial Machine Basic Sewing (R1 560.00)
    Industrial Machine Bedding & Cushions (R1 440.00)
    Industrial Machine Curtains (R1 050.00)
    Wedding Dress* - Industrial (R2 400.00)

    * Please note, due to the level of skill required, these 2 courses can only be done if you have completed at least 3 other courses at SEWAFRICA.

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